Who is Joji?

Joji, formerly known as George Kusunoki Miller, was born in Osaka, Japan on September 18, 1992. He is a Japanese-Australian singer, who graduated from the Canadian Academy. He is a former internet sensation and comedian, known by his stage name Joji and previous online aliases Filthy Frank and Pink Guy.

On February 3, 2013, Joji uploaded a video of Pink Guy and his friends rocking to music on the channel DizastaMusic. And named HARLEM SHAKE. The video and dance immediately became popular on the global Internet. Netizens all over the world scrambled to imitate it. In 2017, Joji issued a statement saying that he would permanently withdraw from the previous funny channel and change his stage name to Joji. And at the end of 2016, he received the attention of 88rising, so after quitting his Youtube career, he immediately became an artist under 88rising and began to work as a music creator.


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